Study diploma in animation in Canada The field of animation is one of the most exciting platforms for those who have a passion for creating characters and bringing them to life. The animation industry in Canada is growing leaps and bounds, leading to a huge demand for animation professionals. Even if you do not have … Read more

Post Graduate Programs in Food and Nutrition in Canada

Nowadays, people are aware of everything they eat. They are curious about what makes their food healthier. From the number of carbs, proteins, healthy fats, and more to the number of calories in the food, people are becoming more conscious about these things more and more. It is all science—the science of food and nutrition. … Read more

Study Culinary Arts in Canada

  For those who have a knack for cooking, culinary art is an excellent option. Culinary arts is the art of cooking and training students to prepare and present food in an attractive manner. The culinary arts program prepares students to work in the culinary industry by developing their fundamental skills and knowledge and improving … Read more

Study Food Science and Nutrition in Canada

Study Food Science and Nutrition in Canada   Food science is a multidisciplinary field that integrates knowledge from various disciplines like chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, and engineering to give the scientific experience associated with the areas of the food system. Food Science combines food technologies and their applications in the food industry. From food production and … Read more

Study Hospitality Management in Canada

Study Hospitality Management in Canada   If your peers rely on you to plan a fun trip or take charge of all the hotel bookings and sightseeing, and you feel passionate about it, then a degree in hospitality and tourism management is the right choice for you. Hospitality and tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry … Read more

Statement of purpose for Canada

Statement of purpose for Canada   Canada is growing to be one of the most sought-after destinations for international students. As more and more students aspire to get admission into a Canadian university, a simple application is not enough. You have to show what makes you different from the rest of the applicants. SOP is … Read more

Writing tips for LOR

Writing tips for LOR After reading all the blogs on LOR you should have got an idea about how important a LOR is. Now after you know that it is one of the main documents for your admission criteria you should know about the tips for writing a good LOR.    A perfect LOR is … Read more

Letter of Recommendation – Common mistakes to avoid

Letter of Recommendation – Common mistakes to avoid Let us get your LOR right by avoiding some of the common mistakes. We want to discuss the correct format for writing whether it is LOR, SOP, or resume. This blog talks of how to avoid some general mistakes that everyone can make during LOR.    Abroad … Read more

Study Kinesiology in Canada after 12th

Study Kinesiology in Canada after 12th   About It is a great option for the students to study Kinesiology in Canada after the 12th. Kinesiology, as it is known in athletic preparing, physical education, non-intrusive therapy, muscular health, and physical medication, is the study of human development from the perspective of the physical sciences. The study … Read more

Study Agriculture in Canada after 12th

Study Agriculture in Canada after 12th   About Agriculture is the science of cultivating plants and livestock to produce food, fiber, fuels, and raw materials. Modern-day agriculture has seen many changes, including hydroponics, plant breeding, hybridization, gene manipulation, improvement in weed control, and better management of soil nutrients. It has gone way beyond the traditional … Read more

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