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Statement of purpose for Canada


Canada is growing to be one of the most sought-after destinations for international students. As more and more students aspire to get admission into a Canadian university, a simple application is not enough. You have to show what makes you different from the rest of the applicants. SOP is a major distinguishing factor that sets your application apart. An SOP or statement of purpose is an essay that gives the admissions committee an idea about your expectations, reasons, and goals for choosing a particular course and university.


For admission to Canadian universities, a well-written SOP can increase the chances of getting the seat. Universities in Canada require you to present detailed information in your SOP about your life experiences that are relevant to the course you are applying to. Even if a student has an average academic background, a good SOP can be a breakthrough for him.


Important explanations

Whenever you are writing an SOP for admission to a Canadian university, you have to mention the reason why you chose to study in Canada over any other country. The statement should be crisp and to the point. Having a thorough knowledge about the university you are applying to proves that you are genuinely interested in studying at that university. Canadian Universities are quite particular about backlogs so, if you have any backlogs or gap year, you would need to mention that on your SOP and explain what you did during that time. 


Parameters of evaluation of SOP? 

Parameters of evaluation of your SOP depends on the program that you are applying to. Most universities select SOPs that have a distinctive feature. Your academic record, work experience, achievements, community work, and extracurricular participation written on the SOP can make a huge difference. 


Some points that a Canadian University expects you to cover on your SOP:

Most universities around the world want the students to cover almost the same topics, irrespective of the program:

Educational background

The students have to give information about their personality and their educational background. They also have to mention any work experience that connects to the course there are applying to. For instance, UG aspirants can highlight their overall personality and the experiences that helped develop it. 


Details about to course you wish to study

You should specify to the admission committee on your SOP what you want to study at the university. You should include the complete name of the program and avoid using short forms.


Reason for choosing the particular subject

It’s important to write the reason why you chose to study a particular subject. The admissions committee pays keen attention to your reason so, make sure the motive behind you choosing the particular program is strong and precise.


Any prior experience in the field

You should mention if you have any prior experience relevant to the course you are applying to. That should include certifications, publications, or projects. For instance, if you are applying to a Ph.D. program, you should have experience in conducting research work in the past. It shows the admissions committee that you can handle the vast curriculum.


Why you chose a particular university

Your SOP should include a convincing reason as to why you are applying to a particular university. Prior knowledge about the university, its departments, and its faculty come in handy at this point. You can mention the names of a few professors and talk about their research work that interests you to make an engaging statement.


How to put together a good SOP for Canadian Universities?

There are a few characteristics of a good SOP that you should know:

  • Use short and crisp sentences while delivering your message on your SOP. The use of big words hinders the exact meaning of the statement. Also, use a conversational tone that is a mix of formal and somewhat casual style.
  • Make sure that your SOP is original and unique. Avoid plagiarism at all costs because Canadian Universities are very strict about that, and you could face severe consequences.
  • Writing a good SOP consists of a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. A proper structure makes an SOP more attractive and pleasing to the admission committee.
  • The engagement of your SOP starts from the very first paragraph. Let the admissions committee know about the intent of your application in the first paragraph. Write it in a way that the committee looks forward to reading the rest.
  • Customize your SOP if you are applying to multiple universities at the same time. Research well about a particular university and program to write a well-versed SOP.
  • Try not to mention anything that is already a part of your application. It will make your SOP monotonous. Mould your SOP into a story and present it interestingly.
  • If you have any extracurricular achievements, mention it in your SOP. It makes the admissions committee realize that you can contribute to the university with your talent.
  • Also, mention your short-term as well as long-term goals in your statement of purpose.
  • Mention the information that is relevant to the field you want to study. Adding extra information won’t be of any help. It negates the whole point of your SOP.


Lastly, make sure you have no grammatical errors on your SOP. It will put off your whole effort. 

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